Scheduled club activities take priority over individual play. Please refer to the schedule posted in the clubhouse and on the website.


A Player must be present to book a court.


Players may sign for whatever court they prefer regardless of who has been playing the longest on a court.


Court time is signed on for a 45 minutes period at a time. No interruption of play in progress is allowed, other than the above mentioned, regardless of who is playing.


The wall-clock mounted on the window of the Clubhouse is the official timepiece for changeovers.


Players who have to leave one court at a changeover, must wait until the following changeover to sign a court unless an empty court is available.


On STATUTORY HOLIDAYS juniors will have equal opportunity as all members to book courts at ANY TIME during the day. They can play with another junior or an adult member.


During public hours non-members as well as members may use the courts. At any other time, non-members accompanied by a member, are subject to a $5.00 guest fee. A non-member not accompanied by a member is subject to a fee of $10 per day.


Guest fees can be collected by any member. Please deposit fees in the suggestion box located in the clubhouse.



Court #1 is the designated teaching court for the club pro.


Baskets of balls and ball machines should be used only on a court with a divider net. Balls must be picked up 5 minutes prior to change over time, so as not to delay the next group.


Use of the practice court is limited to 15 minutes if others are waiting.


When courts are wet members are not allowed to play.



Courtesy and adherence to tennis etiquette are expected at all times.


Profanity and abusive language are not tolerated.


All members must wear their membership tags on their shoes.


Appropriate tennis attire (Including tennis shirts for men) must be worn at all times.


Shoes with non-marking soles must be worn.


Members should assist in keeping the clubhouse and grounds neat and clean.


Smoking is prohibited anywhere on club grounds.


Players may not walk across a court until the point in play is finished. Then they should do so as quickly as possible.


The only people allowed on the court are those that are actually playing.


The exception is parent and child.


“Tennis is a racket that I’d like to get into. It’s so bouncy and noisy it must be profitable.”

Jarod Kintz – Aurthor

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